Day Four: Habit

Day 4- A habit that you wish you didn’t have

Well. Most of mine can be categorised under “compulsions”.

1.  Biting the quicks of my fingernails and the skin around them (to “neaten them” in my OCD mind) when I am nervous or stressed about something. Which is often, because..

2.  I am a worrier. I worry to the point of ridiculousness. Depriving myself of sleep or nutrients or relaxation because one task isn’t done, or I’m pondering all of the eventualities of an upcoming event. Complicated and simply silly. (Dave is great at calming me down). I am working on this.

3.  Spending. The moment I have my pay I get the urge to go online or into stores and buy new shiny things. Or new clothes. Or shoes. Most of the time I reach the end of the month (halfway between paydays) and I am broke, or I have used my credit card and will “pay it back next pay”, which I do, but hey. Endless cycle. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will always do this, and living any other way makes me really unhappy.

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