Day Three: Friends


Day 3- A picture of you and your friends

This is slightly harder for me to do as one picture! The above shot captures a great moment when I last spent time with my entire group (apart from my leaving/birthday party). Sarah is laughing, Rajeev is posing, Chris is “blending” with a duckface.. it’s brilliant.

I have my group of guy friends, who are my core buddies. We’ve been friends since I was 15 and I love them dearly. Then I have a few girlfriends, two of whom now live in a completely separate hemisphere from me – Sarah-Rose is in my home town, and Neha is in Melbourne, Australia.

I have online friends who are very dear to me, some who I haven’t met to take a picture with. So I’m going to focus on my friends at home for this post. My guys are awesome, and the beautiful Sarah-Rose is the bestest girlfriend I could hope for. So I’ve got this pic of my guys from New Years’ Eve 2008-2009:

(amazingly, we all look good, except I think Nick isn’t looking at the camera. Andy isn’t posing like a jerk, tho!)

And this.. Sarah-Rose and I as long-haired beauties at a previous New Years’ eve, 2007-2008, I believe.

I’m not going to get too gushy and sentimental just yet, as I have noticed that Day 26 asks me to wax lyrical about my friends. But I will say that I would not have coped the last 11 years without them, and I am so thankful that the internet helps me stay in touch and interact in a way that allows us to stay close.

I get a lot of mockery for my endless Facebook/Twitter activity, and how I seem to be almost oversharing or commenting on everyone’s posts within minutes at times. But in all honesty, when you’re thousands of miles from your friends and family, it’s not the big updates that are crucial to keeping your relationships alive.. it’s the little ones. The sucky things about your day, the new photos, the shared links, the joking around. That’s what keeps us close and what makes being so far away not as hard as it could be.

If it didn’t exist, I think I might have given up by now and gone home. If I didn’t have my friends, I think I’d probably have given up entirely. They’re my other family.

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