Day One: Picture/Facts

Day 1- Recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

4 thoughts on “Day One: Picture/Facts

  1. I noticed recently that you don't seem to smile much these days — at least in the pictures you post in your blog — you look vaguely wistful to me. Is this a conscious decision, or just random happenstance?Eric W.

  2. No, not depressed… just wistful. Perhaps that visit to the dentist might not be such a bad idea, eh? ;-)All kidding aside, I'm glad it isn't wistfulness/depression!Eric W.

  3. Re point 10 – to me, you still seem to be very much the same you as you were before. Of course there is the natural changes you'd expect from growing older, but fundamentally you still seem to be the same you. I observe from afar of course, but your blogs, photos etc have a very familiar feel. Couldn't ever mistake you for anyone else!!Much love!!Deb xx

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