Weeks Thirty-Three to Thirty-Five

Rescued from the HDD of the broken laptop. Luckily I still have my external HDD box.
Sunday 8th
Cookie batter. Mmmm. I did what I always say I’ll do and ate some, and then felt like I always feel afterwards: sick. Why are mothers always right?
Monday 9th
An arty shot of my rediscovered Marmite that Dave had hidden in the back of the cupboard.
Tuesday 10th
I imagine this is a procrastination photo, as you need to be sitting at the piano to take this.
Wednesday 11th
Nope, not an exciting gig shot. Euros/US currency/a screw on the couch! (understandably rejected by Coinstar, so back in the jar they’ll go)
Thursday 12th
Slippers and sheep socks. Mmmm. Getting colder.
Friday 13th
And stormier. How very Friday the 13th.
Saturday 14th
Oh, Matalan. That word does not mean what you think it means.
Writing writing writing.
Sunday 15th
Gorgeous view from Sarah and Ami’s wedding: 5th floor of the Apex International Hotel at Grassmarket.
Monday 16th
“Happiness” icecream: mint chocolate chip (coloured purple as we ran out of green colouring) with mini marshmallows. Sprinkles and cracking chocolate sauce on top.
Tuesday 17th
Our last day off before we returned to work was half spent in bed, then the rest of the day a disappointing shopping trip. I had the money and the time to finally look and it sucked. Boo.
Wednesday 18th
A terrible, blurry shot of Britain’s Next Top Model, but it’s the only shot I took.
Thursday 19th
View from the computer chair.
Friday 20th
Picked up my new bike and its hideous helmet (I’ll get a new one at some point). She also gave me a lock, reflective gear and a pump! what a honey.
Saturday 21st
A plumber with classic signage on the way home.
(I just realised that all 3 self-portraits are in this hoody. Heh).
Sunday 22nd
Chippie for dinner.
Monday 23rd
…Yeah. I’ve seen this in a few places, but seriously?
Tuesday 24th
Earlier sunsets, intermittent rain.. autumn has arrived.
Wednesday 25th
We’re wondering how far it’ll get before it snaps off.
Thursday 26th
I have no idea where I was on Thursday to take this photo. It looks like Morningside. I wasn’t in Morningside. I’m confused. Probably taken on Friday and it’s a date issue, unfortunately.
Friday 27th
After service Friday night we moved into the front room of an old church for kiddush. This hilarious sign was outside the main church hall.
Saturday 28th
Ingenious setup, no? I can wash dishes, yet watch Grey’s (there’s a glass cover on our oven top, so don’t worry, I’m not putting a towel on our elements!).
Sorry about the grainy photo. Without the laptop, I didn’t want to use my camera, so it’s iPhone in the bedroom. Hairy girl. I’m about to get the chop, so of course, my hair is lovely right now.

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