Week Twenty-Six

Yeah, I’m slack, I know. I’ve also been looking through the pictures from the ‘What I’m Wearing’ series, and I wear the same outfits a LOT. So that’ll continue, but when I have some variety (and we’re not living in this are we moving do we put stuff away or just stack it to pack mess mentality).  Two weeks until we get a final decision. Here’s last week.

Yeah, this was well after midnight, so I’m counting it as Sunday.

Pish. Work again? does this have to happen every week?


Gorgie in the sunlight.

I like Dalry cemetery a lot.

Crimefighters premiere in the Festival! go Miles!

Sunny, sunny streets. Summer is here!

New cardy + beads = I am officially now my mother. (Btw, I’m obsessed with this super-comfy dress for £5 from H&M. I vow to get all the other colours).

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