Week Twenty-Five

More Hipstamatic. I assure you I do use my proper camera, it’s just not with me very often these days, and a daily shot is so much easier with the iPhone.

More outfit shots coming soon, too. I’ve been taking them, but haven’t put them on the laptop quite yet.
Bunny! Hard to see but it’s there, centre frame.
Hot. Bought ice lollies. ‘Nuff said.

I love this scrap yard sign.




Walking home.

Up over the canal.

Waiting for a lift to go out for drinks.

A nice street in Marchmont: on my way home from a Bar Mitzvah service.

Waiting outside on Friday night. I love this soft blazer, but it’s hard to keep the lapels down properly.

One thought on “Week Twenty-Five

  1. All great, but I especially love the canal shot. Soooo tempted to get an iPhone even though I really have no need for one. Wish I could just get some Hipstamatic presets for Lightroom (even if it's not entirely in the spirit of things). 🙂

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