Week Twenty-Two

Chillin in the Princes St. Gardens. Note that all of these people (including ourselves) are within a large area that is cordoned off with signs: “Keep off the grass”. On a 24 degree day in Edinburgh? Yeah right.
My journal is improved with sticker photos from my new Polaroid Pogo photo printer.
Dave made us an amazing salad for dinner with some garlic/herb bread.. (don’t worry, I followed it up with Haagen-Dazs).
Reading a Lost recap on my lunch break (trying to figure out what the fuss is about). Television Without Pity = often more fun than watching the show itself.
Glasgow BNL tickets arrived! Now it’s time to get excited about it.
My FCUK dress. Along with the jacket it’s leading me to a new label obsession.

Waiting for the bus to go in for Paul’s birthday drinks. Note: this was nearly 10pm. By the time I got into the club, then into another bar, the sun was only just setting. This is how summer here can be awesome and yet very bizarre.
Any colour I had in Australia is loooooong gone.

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