Scottish Word of the Week #1


New feature, kids!

Man, this country is strange. I’ve been here over a year now, and with Dave for 2.5 years, and still! Every week Dave says something that I’ve never heard before. Usually this has a rather hilarious effect on me, rather than a negative one (and makes him even cuter).

The Scots have had a bizarre way of speaking since the beginning, and while it’s not all ‘Scots’ language these days, it’s more slang, but I have to admit: I sometimes have to put the subtitles on the telly. When they’re speaking English.
I thought it was time to start sharing these gems with the world. Enjoy!
noun (pejorative)
– an utterly silly, foolish, idiotic person.

Etymology: possibly from Scottish English ‘numbskull’.

“That wisnae what I meant, ya numpty!”
“Shite! he’s dropped the fitba, tha numpty.”

Try to use it in a sentence sometime today!


4 thoughts on “Scottish Word of the Week #1

  1. Etymology?I only ask cos I thought berk & nonce were just inoffensive nonsense insults until I googled them. Not so much!(also, the word verification for this comment is "cemateri" and that bugs me!)

  2. And tee hee, I knew where nonce came from!Words like that are just thrown around at home, and then people take offense here. 😉

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