Week Twenty

Um. Hi! No excuses today. Just pretty, pretty photos.

Unpacking from the trip: my beautiful new shoes from Aldo. Becky paid for them for my birthday, and they were a ridiculously-cheap $20 AUD. They are ever so slightly small, but I don’t care.

Dave had been texting me in Australia to say how Spring had truly been showing itself here at home. He was right.
Stopping on my run to catch the blossoms in Roseburn.
Lots of coffee on a particularly tiring day.
My view every morning: Dave refuses to get up until I’m leaving. It makes me envious and a little sulky sometimes while I’m getting ready. I’m not sure why the juice carton is there?
I am currently obsessed with my new FCUK jacket. I’m wearing it so much lately.. it just goes with so many things I own! Especially the outfits I wore in Week Twenty-One (see next post!)
A slightly blurry shot of the blossoms at the cricket ground.
Slightly grubby mirror. I’m reminded of the horrible mirror SP girls on antiduckface. (Love this new hoodie, though).

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