Day Seven/Volcano Blues


Yesterday, diet Day Seven, I took my soup to work as per normal, to discover one of the ingredients had soured overnight and the soup tasted vinegary. It didn’t appear to be very tasty or safe, so I ended up buying a salad and some water. For dinner I had brown rice and veg, as per requested.

Today? today I am 2lb up. Maybe even 3. So the diet for me was sorta? pointless.
In fact, even if we hadn’t cheated, I’m not sure if I would have felt much benefit. I generally don’t eat a lot as it is, so eating less wasn’t a bit step for me and my body probably didn’t think it was enough to push the weight off. If I’d kept up with the fruit/veges only, with the soup, I’m sure I would have kept losing, but eventually I would have been so cranky, Dave wouldn’t have wanted to stick around.
It helped me realise how I need a lot more fruit and veges in my diet, and a lot less dairy, but for now, not a lot has changed. And with the volcano drama, all I want is icecream and candy anyway.
Speaking of which.
I’m meant to be excited at this point, right? 3 days until I fly to see my family? but with the ongoing closure at Heathrow, the weather updates not being very helpful, and the airlines cancelling flights left and right, even those days in advance, I’m not feeling very positive about getting out or happy in general. I really really really want to see my family. I really really really need a holiday. I’ve done nothing but look forward to this for months, and I’m so very gutted that it could all fall apart any minute.
And even if the airports do open tomorrow, the backlog and drama of getting all the planes in the right places is just a nightmare. The amount of people trying to get out of Heathrow is going to be insane. Qantas are notorious for cancelling when they get a bit wary in the slightest, so I worry that there just won’t be any other option for me.
I don’t even know if I should pack. I’m tempted to leave it ’til Friday and wait and see. At at time when my life is a bit upside down, this is just the last thing I need right now.

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