I am an emotional wreck, lately.

I have 9 days until I go to Australia and every time I think about it, I get so goddamned weepy. It seems to be a mix of “OMG I miss my family and I can’t believe I get to see them”, “OMG I see my family next Sunday and then leave them May 6th” (lame, pessimistic thinking), and “OMG how am I going to be ready/skinny enough*/tanner/have enough money by then”.
It’s bizarre. I can’t see anything from my family on Facebook, talk to anyone or see any pictures without being all depressed. It’s truly tragic.
I am pretty excited, to be honest. I can’t believe I’ve been here nearly a year and I’ve not seen them in all that time. My mother is counting down the hours it seems and I have been counting the days since I booked in February.
I’ve loved my year in Scotland, and I look forward to the next few. I’m sad to not be going home, but getting to be close and see family is a fantastic birthday present, and lord oh lord do I need the break from work.
*I won’t be skinny enough for my liking, ever. See the next post for my insane diet choices.

2 thoughts on “Gah.

  1. Oh, poor you!(if that sounded sarcastic? I really didn't mean that!)Do you guys have a regular skype date or anything? I found that talking to my family via skype was so much better than phone/email, and because at times we "met" weekly, it didn't seem like I was missing them.But yea, I get where you're coming from. Somewhat at least 😉 – I didn't get very homesick.

  2. We use the phone, which works really well and I usually get to talk to my sister/the kids at times as well.I'd love to Skype and when I see them I'll be trying to sort that out. Actually seeing them would make a big difference. Ma drives me crazy but I miss her a lot lot lot. xx

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