Diet of Doom.

I’m tempted, you know, to try every bad fad diet that ever was and blog about it. I’m sure someone out there is already doing this, but the amount of crappy diets I fool around with just astounds me sometimes.
Currently Dave and I are doing the Cabbage Soup Diet. Yes, we’re aware how insane we are.
I got to the point where my “6 weeks to get in shape” became 2, and I really wanted to drop some pounds before my trip. Dave and I have been terribly unhealthy lately, with lots of crisps, candies and chocolates, and he suggested we do some sort of detox. Then I remembered the “GM Motors Diet” that my friend Lili had starved herself with, otherwise known as the Cabbage Soup Diet. She had come out the end of it having dropped about 4.5kg/10lbs, and it had taken away her craving for salty or highly sugary foods. I’ve already done the Beyonce juice cleanse, so hell, anything’s better than not eating at all.
The staple food of this diet is obviously Cabbage Soup, which sounds disgusting, but we were clever. We blended it. Dave made the soup basically to recipe, with a bit more herbs and spices than prescribed, and then hand-blended it. The result was actually a really really tasty vege soup.
But you know, living on soup isn’t that fun, and it makes my pilates slightly less energetic.
Day One was yesterday. We survived on purely fruit. I didn’t have a bad day, to be honest, as I love snacking and fruit is such an easy, easy snack. Grapes, plums, oranges, apples.. I had rather a nice day. The soup was a nice lunch, and for dinner I needed 2 bowls, but was happy nonetheless. What I noticed mainly was my ridiculous amount of bathroom trips due to all the liquid I was consuming, and a bit of light-headedness. At the end of the day we were both exhausted and truly ready for bed at 10.
Weight lost: 1lb (.45kg).
Day Two is today. And it sucks. Vegetables only. I didn’t really have time to prepare any snacks, and I’ve never been a “snack on celery or carrots” kinda girl. I hate raw vegetables like that, and prefer veges like peppers (capsicums), potatoes, parsnips, roasted carrots, pumpkin. I’m also quite partial to a little broccoli or cauliflower. But for breakfast? ugh. I ended up skipping breakfast and having water and tea until lunch. I didn’t really feel that bad at all this morning. Lunch was a big bowl of the soup, and then it went a bit downhill from there. Starvin marvin. Right now I’m looking forward so much to when I get home and have a baked potato with butter, with some leafy vegetables. Beans! Broccoli? pumpkin? My stomach is angry at me and I feel like eating my own arm.
Weight lost: 1lb. Total: 2lbs/.9kg.
Reports to continue…

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