Week Twelve


Okay so I spent 3 days this week in bed with a stomach bug. Ironically, I had all my photos and my laptop, so should have been more active, but I felt too terrible to do much more than play with my shiny new iPhone.

Whenever I have lots of free time to myself, I always wish I were able to work on my sorting system on the laptop and drives, properly sort my folders and storage and get my music gear together. Unfortunately, I end up sleeping, watching trashy television that Dave won’t watch, or getting distracted by pretty things in online stores.

Once I get the 1TB drive, I imagine there’ll be a big overhaul, and my OCDness is already tingling in anticipation.


Here is Week Twelve, where a lot of photos were on the iPhone via the Hipstamatic app that I have become obsessed with. I’ll post week Thirteen tomorrow as normal.

Spring sunshine through the window.
Stressful day for the both of us: I was essentially on the couch as soon as I got in.
My new toy arrives! Comparing new with the old.
Hipstamatic! so awesome. Hard working when you have a toy to play with.
On the bus.
After over-wearing my contacts far too long, I worked most of the day in glasses.
My shoes at an engagement party. Love this shot in its simplicity.



60s makeup before the party.

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