Week Seven.

My poor old Air New Zealand bag is wearing out.
St Mary’s cathedral while waiting for Dave. Still light out.
Watching the first episode of Kell on Earth. Awesome.
Sun setting through trees. I forget completely where this is.
Walking home, still light in the sky. Very exciting.
I see this car often on Palmerston Place, and I love it.
A complete throw-away picture, but I like it anyway.




3 thoughts on “Week Seven.

  1. You look glum. That makes me sad.The car? is a Nissan Figaro (from the 1990s!) and it is a life goal of mine to own one. I tell Craig I will learn to drive if I had one! I've only ever seen 1 in NZ but so so many in London, there was one that was always near my work.

  2. Definitely not glum, I was going for pensive! It wasn't the best workday, however.The Figaro is so adorable. It looks so classic and 60s. You'd look great in one. 🙂

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