Week Three.


A day late but my intentions are pure!

(Ignore my yellow teeth). We are Wii fiiiiiends.


We had the week off, so the laziness begins!

A crappy photo from the car, out exploring East Lothian.



The snow has nearly all melted. Boo.

Another cop-out photo, but I’m enjoying my new laptop rest from Ikea. It has a pocket for my phone that I will never use, is cushy, and the cover is washable. I feel like my Nana. (And yes, that is Sean Connery in skimpy clothing with a gun saying: “With this outfit, do I really need a gun?!? Let’s fuck.” Found on a blog somewhere – wrong but hilarious.)


Yeah. We’re still lazy. I loved it.


At Sing-along-a Rocky Horror Picture Show with Suze! My make-up was scary, but I was pleased with how authentic I managed to get my costume.


I need better self-portraits.


Back to work today and I must say it’s not as fun as being at home. Apart from the money bit. That’s nice.

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