10 Things that make me happy today.

In order of occurrence!
1. Waking up to the news that the daily high is 3C. Nice to be back in the temperatures above 0C, though this does mean less chance of snow.
2. My brother kindly sent us Mario Kart for Christmas, as well as a 2nd Wii Wheel (MK comes with one) and a 2nd nunchuck (we bought one a while back, but Dave can’t play several games with me multiplayer without a nunchuck). We borrowed the car last night for “day tripping” and headed out this morning to my work to pick it up. Above is Dave kicking ass on the game, because he is just good at all games (which can sometimes be infuriating). I need to get better at not twisting the wheel in a weird and unhelpful way.
3. After visiting work, we headed out to West Lothian to Broxburn, aka Middle of Nowhere, to get the package of thermals (HeatTech, to be precise) from Uni Qlo, that the couriers had attempted to deliver on Wednesday last week, when we were working. I ordered 2x pairs of leggings, 2x 3/4-sleeve tops, 1x short-sleeve top. Dave got long-johns (which inspired many Shakespearean jokes), 1x long-sleeve top, 1x short-sleeve. So far we’re pretty pleased with them, though I can’t say I have noticed the “technology” yet. They seem to work best when against your skin, but layered under other clothes. I’ll keep you posted.
4. We left Broxburn and headed towards Haddington, but ended up taking a detour to Seton Sands (inspired mainly by our mutual love of Top Gear and my memory of the race on the sands -which I now can’t find any evidence of online, unfortunately). While the sands were clearly covered by the well, water from the high tide, it was a nice wee spot to stop and have our packed lunch. We then took a walk on the “lovely” beach:
5. From there it seemed a logical progression to drive around the coast to North Berwick and take Haddington on the way back. I have a thing for villages, and North Berwick and Haddington are both very sweet.

6. Hot chocolate and cakes in Haddington. Mmm caramel shortbread, also known as Millionaire Shortbread (which Dave says is called that because it’s what millionaires must eat).

7. We then moved onto one of my favourite stores ever: Ikea. Dave? not so much with the love. We did however get a fair amount of stuff, for not much money. Including candles (I love ’em): 2 scented (more on these below), a box of plain white, 4 short fat ones, two tall fat ones. Also in our purchases were a throw rug (also below), a new knife, a bread tin (for baking ginger loaf!), and the neat little laptop tray that I am currently using. Plastic, shaped like a piece of orange, cushy bean-bag bit for your lap. Like my Nana used to use for tea. Aw, bless.

8. Yes, the Lothians are still rather snowy, even if Edinburgh has melted. (Dave asked me if I needed him to slow down for me to take pictures, which is why the clip starts with “No, it’s alright…”)
9. The glorious smell of the living room once the above-mentioned scented candles were lit. I believe they are officially “mixed berry”, but it smells like elderflowers in here. Mmmm.
10. Dinner, West Wing, and a lovely snuggle under the soft, soft throw with my boy. It’s luxurious to the touch, and also has a tiny bit of weight to it, so it’s perfect for lying on the couch to watch some telly.
(This is also my 250th post on this wee blog. Yay blogging.)

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