Christmas 2009


For a week or so prior to Christmas this year, the snow came tumbling down. A light dusting at work, then some proper snowfalls. The night of December 22nd was the heaviest, with us leaving the building to step into ankle-deep snow.

We went sledging, we slipped and slid all over the pavement, had snowball fights, made snow angels. I was, and am still, in love with snow. Ice, I can live without. But deep, fluffy, powdery snow.. I can definitely appreciate. The picture below is of the snowman I made outside my work on December 23rd.
When all the lights came on in Edinburgh at the end of November, I started to slowly understand what this Christmas in winter deal really feels like. And it’s magical. With the snow, hot chocolates, the fire, the lights.. and bundling up in hats, gloves, scarves and walking around together? what a great season.
(Remind me of this when I’m complaining in February).
Christmas Day we went out to Dave’s mother’s after a lovely lie-in, and had a late lunch with her before the big traditional turkey dinner. Afterwards, we headed out to the home of Dave’s Aunt and Uncle, where we played quiz games and chatted to family. It was all in all a very nice day.
And Hogmanay? well well well. You’ll just have to check my flickr over the next few days. There were many laughs and dances to be had, and 2010 is proving to be pretty good so far.
New Years’ Resolutions post comin’ up.

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