Nov 30 2009
RE: RE: Re: Puppies!

Hi Kat,

I sent her an email and asked her to contact you. This is her email address… <>


Nov 30 2009
Wrong address

Hi Kat,

I am so sorry about the confusion with email addresses. I forgot to add “<>” to my email address and that is why my emails have been going to you. I will correct the address.

It is fun to know that I have connected with another katmckenzie!



So. It appears to be all over and resolved. Or is it..

Dec 4th 2009
Parking/weather for Saturday’s baby shower

Hey everyone,

In case it’s snowy on Saturday, we’re going to have some street parking.

Also, Google Maps puts Katie’s house as either on the Golden Gate Bridge, or in a McDonalds. If you need a map, please email me at <> and I’ll send you the attachment.

Unfortunately, Evite doesn’t allow attachments.

See you on Saturday!
The Shower Planners

Oh well. Eventually I’ll sort it all out.

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