The Kat McKenzie Saga.


As most of you know, I am a musician, and release under the family name of Kat McKenzie. A few weeks ago, I started receiving strange emails.

It all started, quite harmlessly, with puppies..

Oct 27 2009

Hi Kathleen,

It was nice visiting with you. Attached is a copy of our health guarantee and puppy deposit form. I will write you down now for the deposit so you have first choice for a male out of Isabella and Razz. I will send you pictures of Isabella and Razz in another email…. and if I have some pictures.. of their past puppies grown. I will try and get one taken of the girl I kept in their last years litter. She is a doll!



(followed by details of Kathleen McKenzie’s address in Santa Fe, New Mexico..)

Oct 28 2009
Re: Puppies!

Hello Cindy

I have received your emails – unfortunately I think she must have mis-typed her email address to you, as this is Kat McKenzie in Edinburgh, Scotland.

You may wish to get back in touch with her and clarify! I would love a puppy but I’m unfortunately not on the right continent!



Nov 17 2009
Your order with

1″Creature Comforts: Cozy Knits for Wee Ones”
Amy Bahrt; Hardcover; $16.47

Sold by:, LLC
2″Baby Beanies: Happy Hats to Knit for Little Heads”
Amanda Keeys; Paperback; $11.53

Sold by:, LLC
1″Coton De Tulear (Kennel Club Dog Breed Series)”
Wolfgang Knorr; Hardcover; $16.47

1″Sherpa Legacy Ultimate Pet Bag – Medium”
Misc.; $65.00

Huh. So I guess she got the puppy. Of course I then received all the shipping emails as each item went out. But then I kinda forgot about it for a few days. Until today..

Nov 23 2009
We Want Your Feedback! (Order #….)

La Canadienne Elsie Boots (For Women)
Rate this product

Arctica Down Vest (For Women)
Rate this product

Arctica Down Vest (For Women)
Rate this product

Terramar Long Underwear Top – EC2 Silk, Long Sleeve (For Women)
Rate this product

Is it cold in New Mexico? It must be getting cold.

Nov 23 2009
RE: We Want Your Feedback!

Hi there

Not sure if you can help. Someone named Kathleen McKenzie has been ordering an awful lot of things lately, and putting my email address in, which is obviously incorrect! I live in the UK, in Scotland, and it appears from Amazon emails that she lives in Nevada, USA. I’m not sure if you have any other contact details for her, but if there is any way you can let her know, that would be great.

I will keep trying through the other orders as well! she’s probably just a letter off on the email address..?



Nov 23 2009
Re: RE: We Want Your Feedback!

Dear Kat,

Thank you for your inquiry.

We have removed your email address from our database. We do apologize for any inconvenience. If we may be of further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for contacting Sierra Trading Post. We appreciate your business.

Jennifer, STP

Uhh. Not quite the answer I was hoping for..

Nov 23 2009
RE: Re: Puppies!

Hi Cindy

My apologies for contacting you again, but is there any way you can contact Ms Kathleen McKenzie? I have received a number of emails from companies such as Amazon and Sierra Trading Post regarding orders she has made, supplying my email address. If you have another way of getting in touch with her, that would be greatly appreciated.

Please ask her to double-check her gmail email address, as belongs to me here in Scotland, and I’d hate her to miss out on order information, etc, because of it.

The orders also email me with her full address, etc, but I will discard these as soon as I have forwarded them on to her. If you have a phone number for her, would you mind letting her know and asking her for an alternate (or the correct) email address so I can forward on her order confirmations, etc?

Thanks a lot if you can help.


And now? we wait.

2 thoughts on “The Kat McKenzie Saga.

  1. That's crazy!I mean, it's understandable for other people to make a mistake with her email address but to make a mistake with your own, several times over??? crazy.Hell, you could always send her an old fashioned letter through the post!

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