Watch This Space..

..’cause tonight I’m carving pumpkins for the first time, and will be liveblogging* with photos!
Yeah, I’m that cool.

6:53pm: After 4 supermarkets and no tools found (I’d seen a ‘pumpkin carving kit’), I have come home and set up my area:

Pulled out tripod, found covering for floor, guessed at what tools I should have and grabbed ’em.
7:04pm: Can’t say I love the feel of pumpkin guts on my hands but I am rather fascinated by the insides!

7:14pm: Am amazed by 2 things – 1, how much there is inside a pumpkin. 2, how well an icecream scoop works!

7:21pm: Yes, I’m wearing pajama pants. They have Cookie Monster on them.

7:35pm: Went for the cliche face. Fun times cutting it out, I’m surprised how easy it was for me. I’m not the best with a knife.

7:42pm: Voila! This brought me way too much joy. Unsure if I will do the other one, though, I am craving soup.

*(sadly 99% of my readers are not in my timezone, but sshh, you).

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