British Summertime Ends: 2am 25th Oct 2009.


Leaving Tesco last night with our groceries:

Dave: Guess what time it is.
Kat (looking up at the pitch black sky): Umm… 6:30?
Dave: Nope.
Kat: …6?
Dave: Nope.
Kat (meekly): 5:30?
Dave: Bingo.

Eep. It has begun. And sure, it’s certainly only starting to set 15-20 minutes earlier than the shortest day of Wellington winter, but today I’ll be leaving work with a pitch black sky, the street-lights aglow, a cold nip in the air.

I know I blog a lot about this. And the photos will continue. But it blows my mind. I sometimes feel like I live in Alaska. Unless I pop outside at lunch time, I’m not getting any light in my day at all. I already feel anaemic lately, what with the lack of red meat in my diet, but not getting any Vitamin D has got to be a killer.

I’m seriously thinking about investing in a natural light lamp. Probably make me happier than dosing myself with tablets and watching sunny television shows. I think I’m definitely going to get S.A.D. this year.

New Zealand’s back to being 11 hours behind, where I do that confusing “it’s an hour later there, but the other part of the day” thing, and forget to call my mother because I fall asleep thinking she won’t be up yet. The Royal Mail are still striking, and ruining birthday present arrivals. Sure, they’re late, but now they’re super late. And I now know why our power bill will be so much more in winter than in summer, and with our double-glazing, it’s got nothing to do with heating. It’s all lights, baby.

For now, though, it’s my multi-vitamin, a lunch-time stroll, and a lot of forcing myself out of bed.

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