So because I’ve been such a slack blogger, I’m going to start updating you on my life with stories and pictures of what I’ve been up to since I moved.
Today’s tale, my friends, is about Seattle
Dave’s close friend Will got married in August, to a lovely Canadian lassie named Megan. Dave was asked to be best man last year, and we had planned on making the trip over to Victoria on Vancouver Island off BC for a long time, but of course we booked last minute. We decided we would fly in and out of Seattle from Glasgow, so that we could get a taste of that city as well, and then ferry our way to and from the island, where the wedding would be held.
August 2nd we headed out of Edinburgh, grabbing a very kind lift from Dave’s mother, to Glasgow. We stayed at the lovely Ramada right by the airport, in a nice plush room with a window overlooking the highway and out to the runways.
The next morning we headed over to the airport and flew out of Glasgow over Greenland, towards Philadelphia, our transit stop.
The view of Greenland was gorgeous, with glacial lakes, rocky crests, snow-capped peaks, and crystal blue water. I totally wanna visit there. Wearing thermals.
Philadelphia airport was uneventful, and our terminal felt like one long, straight line. We were glad when we took our next flight and landed in Seattle. After a long time in the air, we were glad to get to our first hotel, the Moore.

Situated very close to the shopping centre of town and the waterfront/Pike Place Markets, the Moore was above/next to an old theatre of the same name, and the desk staff were friendly and knowledgeable. We had our first night’s dinner at an italian restaurant a few blocks away, and got ourselves to sleep.

Our first day in Seattle involved the Pike Place Markets, a Seattle institution where anything can be found from books to bags to fish to fresh fruit and veg.

We also visited the first ever Starbucks, lazed in the sun by the waterfront, and took in a few shops.

Other highlights of the first few days include: American (kosher) hot dogs (above!) and giving my caramel frappuccino to a bum (at his request while I was throwing it out!) – oh, and the Space Needle.

We went up during the day, and then again at night, and I took a gazillion photos. We also enjoyed sitting by the International Fountain. If you’d like to see all of the Space Needle photos, check out the set (link will be at bottom of post and will be edited asap). We had a lovely Mexican dinner in between viewings, too!
And then, in the early hours, we got our ferry to Victoria. My next belated news update will feature the lovely island, the wedding, and possibly some Seattle again from when we headed back.
(Flickr set – to be updated)

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