Hello, October.

Today was the first day I had to put my gloves on for the walk to work. We’ve/I’ve been out a few evenings lately, and I’ve ended up with gloved hands on walks home, but never in the mornings. Season’s are a’changin’.

October brings many things this year. Apart from the fact that I’m now in a totally different pattern of seasons and October is cold, there’s also exciting things like pumpkin carving for Halloween, soups and stews, hats and winter shopping, new boots (sure, I just got a pair in Canada, but they were brown. I need black now!), new friends to spend time with, and my 6-months-in-Scotland-aversary.

(I’m not averse to Scotland. I meant anniversary. In a funny way.)

It’s weird that I’ve nearly been here that long. It feels longer sometimes, like New Zealand is a distant memory, but then at the same time, I still feel like a total newbie, and my family is so, so, far away. I’ve already missed one niece’s birthday, and 2 are coming up fast.

We’re back to trying to see movies weekly, too, which will kill time on long dark, cold nights**. Last night’s venture was Away We Go, a Sam Mendes piece about a couple (Burt and Verona) trying to find a home to raise their child. With no ties to their home or city (now that Burt’s parents are moving to Belgium!), they set off around the USA/Canada, visiting friends in different cities, trying to choose the right place for them. With lovely lead actors (Jon Krasinski from The Office!), brilliant co-star moments from folks such as Alison Janney, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Melanie Lynskey (!), and a great Nick Drake soundtrack, I enjoyed all the little moments that come with a couple who are about to have a baby, and really need to figure out what they’re going to do with themselves. Go see it!

I’m also looking forward to: Adventureland, Julie and Julia (shutup), and This is It.

Oh and Up. I’ve missed quite a few movies lately!


**Did I mention that by the time Christmas rolls around it gets dark at 3.30pm?

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