Right now, Dave is watching a football game streaming on his PC, while chopping carrots, potatoes and swede for the casserole, and swearing like a sailor at the screen. I guess we’re not winning anymore.

I’m on the bed, with the laptop on a small side table, flicking between internet windows and Buffy.
(Must be Sunday).
For the most part, settling in to life here has been relatively simple. I must admit that I still struggle at times with the pure distance that I am from home, and the small amount of contact I have with my loved ones. Add that to the infuriating internet updates that come in the wrong timezone, so disappear off of my current Facebook homepage, or the emails that I never seem to be able to reply to as fast as I’d like.
(I am also typing this while I watch Dave chop without looking which makes me slightly nervous.)
In good news, however, I did just have Chris to stay. I took some time off work and went down to London, and surprisingly, still remembered where everything is, so was able to be a little bit of a tour guide for him. Then I dragged him up here on a cheap orange plane to Edinburgh, where miraculously, the sun came out and no one tried to stab him. We saw the castle for free, went dancing on a Tuesday night ’til 2am, and ate at the local greasy spoon, where he tried black pudding for the first time.
He also seemed to enjoy the vegetarian haggis we served up. Pity it was only a 3 day visit, but maybe more next time.
Next month I’ll have 2 visitors, almost back-to-back, and while I can’t really take the time off of work to show them around like I could Chris, it’ll be good to have people with me again. I was starting to feel a little bit like an island, with only one tree for fruit, but soon it’s gonna be a whole cocktail.
And winter is coming! winter here means actual holly on the Christmas table, and possibly snow next year, and coats and scarves and gloves and ears with flaps. I might get to go sledding.
Music, vlogs, posts, love to come. It’s been far too long and not expressing myself is starting to make me twitchy.
I hope you are well. Send postcards.

2 thoughts on “Ahoy-oy.

  1. (I am also typing this while I watch Dave chop without looking which makes me slightly nervous.)- too cute!Also? vegetarian haggis? say what?Also also? email me your address (again, SORRY!) and I will send you treats xxx

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