I love you guys.


While trying to sort myself out for a new vlog, I realised that I haven’t really taken any video footage of well.. anything. And the idea of another vlog of me sitting around, blathering on about the move just seems boring.

I understand that after all the build-up with the other vlogs, not having anything just seems a bit anti-climatic. But I assure you, something is in the works that will be both interesting and exciting. I live here now.

And I’m getting to know it, too. I went through this strange transition/arrival period where I just felt asleep most of the time, and like it was some strange dream-like holiday sequence in a film. How could I really live here now? I haven’t felt like I barely said goodbye to home properly.

But after a few days of being lost in Edinburgh and finding my way around on foot, I’m starting to feel terribly glad to be here. Dave comes home from work and I can see him and kiss him and we can have dinner together. We can go to the movies. We meet friends for drinks. We have a normal existence as a couple, and suddenly all that long-distance seems worthwhile.

I apologise, though, to my friends who are emailing. I will be in touch, and we won’t lose what we had. Hopefully. I don’t want to be one of those who goes away and the contact dwindles.. until suddenly I’m off the radar, out of conversation, out of mind.

So. Vlog and emails to come. Job applications are flying out the door today.. and my bank information should be with me shortly. How adult.

Well, I am 25 now.


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