My original intention was to post a final vlog with a big farewell montage and love for everyone, but it just all ran away with me and now I’m almost out of here and I won’t be able to do anything before I actually go.

Just know that I love you, New Zealand. You are a fabulous country, despite what anyone says to the contrary (ie. Kiwis sometimes). You’re small and far away and backwards in some ways, but I love you and I can’t wait to come back to you, preferably with a gorgeous tall Scotsman. Or Dave. (Hee).
But mostly, I love the people in it. There’s something special about New Zealanders and the way we see the world; there’s something about the way we treat everyone like a friend we’ve always had and (mostly) have a Can Do attitude. Yeah, I sound like Air New Zealand marketing here but it’s true.
And sometimes it just hits me: the enormity of what I am doing. I’m not going to change my mind and decide to stay, but the idea of taking off on this big adventure, mostly on my own, is such a move and somewhat baffling. But wow, what a story I’ll have to tell.
Wish me luck, kids. I doubt I’ll get a chance to post before I take off outta here. But when I get there? Kat in Edinburgh really begins.

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