Packing packing packing.


I still have stuff everywhere. It’s doing my head in. Okay so that’s not that different from how I normally live up here.

But I’ve finally come up with a new technique for this move! (This doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work out but it’s a start).

So. Clothes get divided into Yes, No But I’ll Keep it Here, No So My Sister or Sallies Can Have It, and Maybe.
Shoes are divided into Ooh Yes, Maybe, Too Damaged But Boy Do I Love Them (A No. Sigh.), Where Oh Where Would I Wear Them (another No), and Wait I Still Own These? (A Maybe).
Then of course the next step is to very carefully walk around all of these piles and check everything out.. and to storage box the Nos, pack the Yes items into the suitcases and continue to despair over the Maybes.
But I keep discovering more stuff in wardrobes, boxes, nooks and crannies. I know people keep telling me to take less, but hey. This is relocating my life, not some trip. 
Fingers crossed that I can actually get it to a reasonable level. The suitcases are going to be weighed a few times I think!
(2 weeks to go..)

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