I have vlogging issues and need some advice from those in the know.

1. If I use Windows Movie Maker, it crashes. Dunno why. Have tried all sorts of codec fixes.
2. If I use my web-camera to record the vlog, I have to either wear my headset mic or use a free-standing mic that reacts with my laptop’s power supply so it constantly buzzes. And the video quality is crap.
3. If I use my fancy-ass camera, for some reason when I put the file in Windows Movie Maker the sound distorts and I sound like I have a massive lisp. Picture quality is great.
4. If I use my mother’s laptop, it has a built-in camera and mic, the quality is really good, but when I capture it captures me for some reason at double-time and then the picture freezes while the sound continues.
I’ve spent all day trying to vlog. I’m going to have to record video only and then record sound as a voice-over. Naff, but currently the only way.. any tips on how to fix any of these problems?

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