Minus Eight


In the aviation industry, we like to talk about things in minus. How many minutes until departure, like the “T-minus” countdown of a space shuttle. At -20 we board a jet to Auckland, at -15, a Q300 to Napier.

I’m now at just under 8 weeks before I move to the UK. I still have many things to do before I leave, of course, but I’m trying to focus on just a few things per week so that I’m not too overwhelmed. This week’s tasks are:
See my agent – Oh yeah. She doesn’t know I’m moving. Oops.
See STA Travel -Setting up my bank account and NIN number appointment are pretty crucial from this side. The horror stories of attempting to do it from within the UK have put me off that idea entirely.
Lists of “must-dos” in Wellington – Next post? 20 things I want to do before I leave. Suggestions are also welcome!
8 weeks is of course 56 days (well less now). Seems long yet so very very quick! Time is flying by.
…And of course there’s all these 4am shifts making me all floopy.

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