Found in the clean-out

So I thought we had a clean-out before we moved to this house, but somehow 12 years of junk came with us from our old home, and then I collected more junk in my Newtown home which came here. Some went into the garage for storage, but most went into the spare room next door:

Yeah. And that’s after I’ve done half of it.
I just seem to have a lot of stuff. I guess we never really properly threw things out from earlier years, or I was a bigger hoarder.. but some of the things found in this clean-out are:
– Pictures of my cat sleeping on my Dad’s chest at our old house, c. possibly 1995.
– Boarding pass stubs and bag tags saved from flights in the US, on airlines I don’t recall travelling with.. (so I have flown American Airlines before..)
– Street maps of Manhattan, Melbourne, Montreal and San Francisco. I go to a lot of M cities, huh.
– Tickets to nearly every show/concert I’ve ever been to. Woah. Comedians like Ed Byrne, Billy Connolly, Dylan Moran, Rove McManus, tickets to 4 of the 6 Ross Noble shows I’ve been to, Sarah McLachlan twice, Finn Brothers, Bic Runga x2, David Gray x2, A Perfect Circle, Bette Midler, Elton John, Barenaked Ladies.. and I have a stack from musicals and events like the Serenity charity screening.
– About 800 yen in coins.
– Posters from The Secret Garden tour I was in in 1996. We’re not even on the posters (the US/Australian cast are), but hey.
– Letters from my ex-boyfriend, my cousin, and a good friend from primary school, spanning 1996-2003.
– 4 old cellphones. 2 of them still work, 1 is my old US cell.
– Scrapbooks from when I was 6 years old, with all of my birthday cards, pieces of wrapping paper, and inventive uses of duraseal making pictures at the back. Aw.
– A scrapbook my mother made with every card sent to her when I was born. I never even knew that existed.
Ahh. 25 (well, almost) years of stuff. The clean-out continues..

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