My last post was Humming Along‘s 200th. It has been a strange milestone, as my posting is often erratic and infrequent, but nice to achieve nonetheless.

You’ll notice that there was no Valentine’s Day post.  Not because I’m one of those cynical people who rant about every day being the day to show your love and not some created holiday for such a purpose, because as I may agree with that sentiment in part, it just doesn’t happen. I don’t know anyone who is romantic and generous every day (who has the money?), though Dave sure tries. I’m looking forward to having a little romance back in my life.
Today, over at Chris’ blog, we liveblogged the Oscars, which was kinda fun. It was a bit naff and tacky this year, with a strange orange host (despite my love for Hugh Jackman, his hosting job left a lot to be desired), long drawn-out acting nominations, with lots of up-your-ass Hollywood love for each other, and not enough fun. It all seemed a bit forced and silly, which I suppose it is every year, but still. Eh. It was fun doing our picks and Oscar Bingo, though none of us won – no pregnant actresses! No backstage views! And I think Andy needed someone to trip up.
I also had my appointment this morning with Immigration New Zealand, which despite the name, aren’t really helping me to immigrate here.  I had my fingerprints scanned, which was kinda fun, watching my prints come up big and black on the monitor, like I was some sort of large-handed chimney sweep.  And then a badly-lit serious photo was taken, and I was out of there.  Queues were forming and people were sitting for what looked like hours to try and get their New Zealand Residency permits or bring in their wives or husbands from overseas.. I was a little guilty for a moment that I am planning on leaving this glorious country: a country that so many people see as paradise. 
But I shook it off. I’ll be back. Oh and hey! I booked flights. Oops. Let’s hope I didn’t shoot myself in the foot with that one.
(Final visa paperwork goes in Wednesday. I’m trying not to panic.)

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