It’s the 10th of Feb. Well, in ten minutes.

I’m applying for my visa tomorrow. Well, that or the next day.  But the 10th of February was the date in my mind to have the electronic/online portion of my visa application done. I’m waiting for the visa fee that I transferred from savings to show up in my account, and then we’re good. I’ll then make a biometrics appointment with Immigration New Zealand so that they may fingerprint and photograph me in all my glory.
Next step is to gather all my supporting paperwork. 

This crazy bundle of me-madness includes:
An employment questionnaire. Are you gonna work in the UK? ‘Cause it’s kinda the rules that you’re not gonna be a dole-bludger.
A passport photo. I’m gonna be the cutest girl on her visa ever.
My passports. Yeah. I can’t go anywhere. And they get to see my sexy 14-year-old self. Ugh.
My grandmother’s birth certificate. Seeing as I am applying for Ancestry, and she was the UK-born one.
My mother’s birth certificate. So that my grandmother is matched as my mother’s mother. Even though my mother has a different name to her birth certificate. But it’s declared and all. Just confusing.
My birth certificate. Completing the trail of mothers who have helped me become Ancestral and the like.
My CV. To go with the employment questionnaire. So I look all employable.
Proof I am looking for work. Correspondence with an agency. Woo.
3 months of bank statements. To again prove that I’m not gonna be a dole-bludger. Or that I just stole it.
The fee. $554 of my hard-earned, non-refundable money.
A return-addressed courier pack. So I get my passports back safe and sound, and fast.
Those are the basics. The application form has also asked for back-up of my answers, such as:
My Certificates from my course. ‘Cause I’m a-studyin’.
Wage slips/or contract. To prove I’m-a-workin’. Girl. For 2 years in the airline.
Pay slip. To prove I’m a) employed, b) employed by my employer, and c) am earning the money I said I’m earning.
Proof that I don’t need any of my savings to fly. Yeah. Qantas points declaration. Qantas ticket quote.
MAN. They don’t just let anyone in, huh.

One thought on “Woah.

  1. Hey "KAT" – try reminding "them" – that they sent us "shiploads' of their UNWANTED convicts – & never sent none of that cr&p with them … cheers. QUIX_NZ @ twitter (& on "google_me_anywhere" … QUIX in NZ)

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