Currently lusting over..


..but cannot afford to buy:

Cosmopolitan glasses in Turquoise from Glasses Direct. I’ve been looking for new glasses that interest me for a long time, and at £24 (including lenses!) they’re a total steal. They are essentially my current sunglasses (rip-off Ray Bans) with vision included. Now I just need to get my prescription from my optometrist and get my ass to the UK, so they can be mine..
Voco Alarm Clock in Madam. Who doesn’t want Stephen Fry waking them each morning with:
“Excuse me, Madam, I’m so sorry to disturb you, but it appears to be morning. Very inconvenient, I agree. I believe it is the rotation of the earth that is to blame.”
Hee. It contains 150 wake-up messages, and 20 thank you messages. Stephen Fry telling me I’m fabulous and important in his lovely and polite tone. So much better than the beeep beeep beeep…
A Samsung Tocco. It’s not an iPhone, no. But the more I’ve looked into them, the more I like them, and I’m excited to get one when I arrive in Edinburgh.
A touchscreen with a customisable home screen. 5MP camera. And it’s just super cute to use, from the videos I’ve seen.
It still amazes me how cheap cellphones and cellphone plans are in the UK.. well, anywhere. New Zealand is so far away, in a bit of a duopoly with networks, that we never get any decent deals. I’ve been locked into a contract for ages now, and I always overspend, because there’s really no way of monitoring my usage properly. I guess I need to go back to prepay in the UK, but we’ll see how we go.

Smittens. Okay, well I’m not that desperate for these. But it is a truly adorable idea. One large mitten for D, one small mitten for me, one mitten to share to hold hands in. Sickening, I know. But handy if Edinburgh gets much snow next year!

(I can’t decide whether this post made me happy or sad… oh being broke.)

2 thoughts on “Currently lusting over..

  1. I will buy that clock if it has Jessica Alba saying “Morning babe – sleep well?” or Ian McKellen saying “YOU SHALL NOT SNOOOZE!”Actually I’ll buy it if Fry just says “Wakey wakey” – that man has such a disarming charm about him

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