Okay so I’ve been bad.


But it’s a really weird time for me.

This time last year my relationship with Dave was new and exciting, and we were spending a lot of time together. Summer in Wellington brings events such as the Wellington Races and the Sevens, and a whole lot of walking in town, icecream and swimming at Days Bay.

We got together on the 30th of January, had drinks after the Sevens, and our first few dates in the first two weeks of February. I coerced him into jumping off of the wharf at Days. We spent many summer nights walking through the city, playing games at Southern Cross, drinking and goofing in town.

It was a really carefree, relaxed time. It feels like a world away compared to my life right now. As well as work, I’m juggling Taming of the Shrew, my business course, my visa application and still trying to spend some time to talk with Dave, pack up/sell my stuff and oh yeah, sleep.


But at the same time, I think about my life in a few months’ time: my life with Dave, where my course is done, my time is easier to schedule, and I’m more free. Free of the useless junk and clothing that clutters my life, and a lot of my stress at the moment.

I really kinda love that boy, too. That hasn’t changed. Only seems to grow. Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies.

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