25 Random Things


This is all a-buzz on Facebook at the moment. I did mine there, then decided to share it here too.

1. I have an 1800 word assignment due tomorrow and I’ve only written the title. Looks like tomorrow night will be interesting. I’m pretty slack with getting assignments in that are due right after each other. I need a break in-between.
2. My dog is fat, incredibly stupid, adorable, and a life-long runaway. He may not know what to do when he gets out there past the fence, but man does he want to escape.
3. All of our dog names have been music-related. Layla, Sally, and now Finn. Cats are weirder. Barnaby, Mutley and Shadow.
4. I change my hair probably every 3 months. Mainly out of boredom, as my hair grows really fast and is very thick. I’ve had every “natural” hair colour except black, and a few unnatural ones – blue, orange, neon red.. and I’ve had it in length from above my ears to below my butt. It grew from above my shoulders to mid-back last year alone (like, 9 inches). Yes, girls hate me.
5. I lost 7 kgs (15 lbs) last year. I want to lose more. But not Nicole Richie more.
6. I love to plan, plan, plan. But I also love spontaneity. It depends on what I’m doing.
7. I am one of the biggest fangirls you’ll ever meet when it comes to The X Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 30 Rock, and House. I think television is a fantastic medium, and usually enjoy it more than the movies. I also love being introduced to great shows of the past — currently loving Veronica Mars.
8. I take on computer systems with a crazy speed. They just make sense to me. It baffles most people I learn them with. Next!
9. I take that whole “live life as if you’ll die tomorrow” thing to some extremes. Mainly financially. I’d rather have experiences and pay it off for a while than not do anything with my life. A trip to Japan, my EP recording, 2 trips to the US, trip to the UK, laptop, sound gear.. sure, I don’t owe for all of it NOW (dude, I’d be swimming in debt), but these are things I’ve spent too much on over the years and yes, I am paying it off.
10. If I wore every item of clothing I own, I’d probably still be able to dress every day for a year without changing an item more than once.
11. I have around 38 pairs of shoes. Mmmmm, shoes. Wait, maybe 39.
12. I can joke and be crude with the boys, but throw on a dress and heels and go out with the girls. My best friends are mostly guys, with a couple of special chickadees, and they’re awesome.
13. I haven’t had a car accident with two moving vehicles. I’ve hit a parking machine and a parked car. And my Vitara was seriously damaged when hit while parked.
14. That parking machine accident wrote off the car. It was my first driving lesson.
15. I still find it really hard to believe that I’m 25 in a few months. I feel younger and older all at once.
16. I’ve been an Auntie since I was 16 and am one of the cluckiest people around. Babies are awesome.
17. I love and hate my job on a daily basis. Half the time we get treated like robots doing a service than another human being. Dude, say hi to me. Don’t just shove your passport at me and grunt. But you get some of the nicest people, and get to go out of your way for them.
18. I try to remain an idealist. I try not to be cynical. The world is out to get me. I still think I see the good in people, though.
19. I’m not really into sports, and it’s hard to convert me. I’ll go watch you play, but don’t expect me to join you on the couch for the game unless you want to spend it explaining it and letting me mock it. Serious people that can’t mock themselves or their beloved sport..? snore. I also have no sporting talent apart from throwing several strikes in a row on Wii bowling.
20. I am the biggest sook when a movie or tv show is sad. It gets embarrassing. Hand me the tissues.
21. I don’t tan. I can’t tan. I’m gonna be this white forever. Deal with it.
22. I have a whole bunch of good friends I’ve never even met. Yay, the internet is awesome. I plan on rectifying this in the next few years.
23. Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Barenaked Ladies and Rilo Kiley are my favourite bands. I don’t think that’ll change any time soon. Favourite artists are Tori Amos, Sarah Slean, Sarah McLachlan, etc. Singer-songwriter chicks.
24. I am in love with my best friend, the sweetest boy I’ve ever met, who happens to be an adorable Scotsman.
25. Yes, I am terrified about moving to Scotland. But I am also super excited.

2 thoughts on “25 Random Things

  1. In that case – I am exceedingly happy for you "lassie" – may you retain your happy KIWI streak (without "streak'in" – as tis WAY TOO "cool" – over them thar scottish highlands) & god bless you & Dave… may the "heather" glow warmly for you … My (own) wee_man – just 24 himself, came BACK from Aussie a couple o' yr ago – (invalided… & now may lose a leg)But please…Don't ever stop "exploring" – and never let an opportunity pass you by.Plus…As you (two) will be "travelling" (by plane) fresh flowers will be of no_use…Thus:I gift you both these:_-\@!*/-_Which are:But a single RED @ Rose ,a tall GREEN ! Leaf , &a wee BLUE * Carnation…all _-\WRAPT/-_ in…"Pink.Tinsell.Paper" .. 4U2 2enjoyBy being Waterless, Timeless & Wiltless…These shall stay with you BOTH…[ 4eva ]And will always be just as FRESH & BEAUTIFULL – as a young 25.yr.old Kiwi girl was – when she "left" NZ – in 2009 – with her Scottish "b/f".Please carry these in your heart & propogate them "freely" in your travels…On such things as:- car bumpers, van panels, bus windows, sandy beaches, QUANTAS doddle pads (between flights); or simply "in your minds eye" …Cheers.QUIX – NZ

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