I guess it’s time for me to comment on Gaza. Everyone else has.

And the natural response from most is, “Oh well I guess you support Israel.”
That’s true. I do support Israel. But not entirely in this.
I support Israel’s right to defend themselves against a terrorist group who happen to be leading an area. But I don’t support the immense amount of firepower used to do so.
I despair for the families who are ripped apart by the bloodshed. But I know that Hamas wants it that way.
I frown at all the protesters tearing down Israel.  I’ve never really been into protesting myself, but this seems particularly ill-placed for my country (New Zealand).  I understand that they see the death toll and the amount of children in those numbers, and it’s truly awful.  But Hamas are fond of hiding weapons and the like in safe places that they know Israel will target.  Scaring and ushering people into “safe places” like hospitals and schools because they’ve “heard the bombs are going to hit Gaza soon”. The more dead, the worse Israel looks. The closer they are to their main goal: ridding the world of Israel and all Jews.
And then there’s the cafes/restaurants/stores refusing service to Israelis. That’s disgusting. That’s a major human rights issue. Is that Israeli personally responsible? Can they influence their government? Can they do much from New Zealand? Come on.
Did we boycott Americans during the worst days of the Iraq war? no. Have they not seen the Iraq civilian body count which is nearly 100,000 people?
Yes, Israel can seriously suck. But so can Hamas. War sucks. Violence sucks. All I want is peace, just like everyone else.
Shalom, shalom, shalom.

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