Not-so-new music



Belle and Sebastian – Tigermilk
Having become slightly obsessed with Belle and Sebastian in the last wee bit (I had heard of them and heard a few tracks before, but only really was introduced to them fully by Dave last year), I was very excited to receive their first album on CD from the lovely boy for Christmas.
Tigermilk has some true greats on it, too — the fantastic starter The State I’m In which leads into Expectations, which happens to be my second favourite of the album. A good start!
Belle and Sebastian are not just fun to listen to and great songwriters, but truly great storytellers. A brilliant debut from May 1996. An indie masterpiece.
Good if you like: Any other Belle and Sebastian. Kimya Dawson. Indie music. Listening to good tunes with your ears!
Metric – Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?
Released in 2003 and introduced to me in 2007 by the lovely Tim, this album from these awesome Canadian musos is hard to classify. It’s rocky, it’s poppy, it’s electric, it’s dancey, it’s indie. It’s fun as hell.
Favourite tracks for me are Dead Disco (“Dead disco! dead funk! dead rock and roll!”), Combat Baby and Calculation Theme. I bop along in the car to these alllll the time.
Good if you like: Stars, dancing. Hard to compare!
Portishead – Dummy
If you haven’t heard this yet, I urge you to do it. Doooo it.
Thumping beats, ethereal and often heartbreaking vocals, gloomy and melodramatic, yet definitely sing-able. I’ve loved it since highschool and I’ll love it a long time from now.
I started to list favourite tracks and then realised that it’s pretty much 90% of the album. But Mysterons, Sour Times and Roads take top three.
Can’t believe it was made in 1994. All the time it surprises me with how ‘present’ it always sounds.
Good if you like: Massive Attack. Any other Portishead. Singing dramatically.

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