New Years Resolutions

I was talking to Dave last night about how I make the same resolutions every year and end up breaking them. He said I should still make them but try not to break them this year, then. Well, okay.
Continue my fitness program. Mmmm Wii Fit.

Relax more. Mmmm sleep. Well. Take more time out to enjoy what I enjoy doing. Try to relax and feel happy every day.
Write more music! Use the damn piano downstairs. I keep forgetting that I live here now, so it’s there.

Get organised for Scotland.

Sacrifice a little. Work a little bit more, save a little bit more, getting to Scotland is easier.

Finish my course papers on time. Finish my course on time..

Make my family a little more of a priority.
Appreciate time with friends. I won’t see them much after April..

Stop bitching. Just do it.
I have no major vices to give up.. so they’re pretty boring. Yours?

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