Mmm drugs.


Yeah so I’m glad I bought my wee jar of 500 advil when I was in SF. That stuff really does the trick. I had to leave an area halfway through my shift today to dose up on some more.

Teeth are better, and seem to be coming through okay. I’ll give it a bit more time, and if there’s a lot of pain, then to the dentist I shall go.
In other news, my shift today seriously sucked, what with delays, cancellations, angry passengers and it all of course being my fault that a plane was broken (come on, people), but I am home now, in bed, talking to D.. things are fine. Sleep-in tomorrow, watch some crappy TV, go to work, and then Sunday is a 3 hour shift, Monday just under 6, and then Tuesday is freedom.
And then the 7-day cycle starts again. I need the money, but phew am I glad I’m not taking any overtime for New Years’ Eve or Day. Screw that.
I’ll work Xmas but leave me my drinking!

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