Okay so I honestly wasn’t going to just post 12 Days of Xmas pictures. Honestly.

But I am in bed right now in total agony, after trying to use bonjela, drugs and a combination, and my wisdom teeth on the right hand side are just killing me.
Trying not to cry, cause that’s a wimpy girl thing to do, and I’m pretty good when it comes to pain. But wow. It really hurts.
Hope to get proper posting up and running when I’m not spending 24/7 pouting.
I’m really really hoping I don’t end up at a dentist this weekend because a) hello expensive.
And b) Dentists terrify me.
Fingers crossed..

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  1. Hey baby! Wisdom tooth suck. I’m down to two now after having one out when I was 19, and one just a few months ago. Much better without it there, but yes is a bit expensive!! A visit to the dentist (as much as it terrifies you) might be in order. I had trouble once and they gave me antibiotics and the pain went away quick smart!Hope you feel better Deb

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