100 days


In 100 days my life is set to change. (Well, 99, but the laptop overheated while writing this post last night..)

It’s amazing how fast everything is moving. 100 days seems like a long time, yet so so close.
March 25th is currently the plan to move.. but at least 4 weeks before then, my visa application needs to be in, and I have to organise my flight details around then. I also need to decide which route I am taking – if I am travelling through the US to get the extra baggage allowance or whether I ship clothes to Edinburgh. I know shopping there is awesome, but so is my wardrobe.
I also need to be registered with job agencies over there, get my bank account package set before I leave, keep flat hunting online with Dave, and generally sort out any loose ends here with my money, my NZ cellphone plan, my music equipment – do I try and take it all or source some new gear when I arrive? Something tells me I need to become a better guitarist. So much easier than getting the right keys…
And then there’s my job. I love my job. The downsides to this move are missing my family and friends, and losing my job. I’ve become comfortable there, skilled there, and there are promotions and progressions that I’d really love to be working towards. But I am happy to put these things on hold, as I know someday I’ll be back (and fingers crossed for an airline job based at EDI..).
But yeah, into double-digits baby! It excites me and scares me all at once.

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