Last 5 songs on shuffle


Deck the halls it’s you again, it’s you again, somewhere someone must know the ending..

Space Dog by Tori Amos: I can’t hear this without thinking of Chris, because it was his name online for a while (a long, long time ago). It’s from my first ever Tori album, Under the Pink, and though the lyrics are somewhat strange, it really is adorable and poignant all at once. I’ve heard the comic inspired by it is gorgeous, too..

Calm down, I’m calling you to say – I’m capsized, erring on the edge of safe..

The Con by Tegan and Sara: Man how can you be so kick-ass rock and roll, yet sing about how broken you are; how you like to cry?

I could lead you to the top, don’t stop, I could lead you there still..

Tellin’ Stories by the Charlatans: Perfect 90s indie pop/rock (I call it “boy pop”, much to Dave’s amusement). I knew a few songs by these guys when I met Dave, but now I’ve almost heard every song, and I can’t help boogieing. I’m realllly sure this has been used on a commercial in NZ, but I couldn’t pinpoint which. I was really disappointed that they came to NZ and I couldn’t go!

That deaf, dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball!

Pinball Wizard by The Who: Man hearing this throws me back to driving in New York state, a car full of people, all singing along to Tommy like the musical theatre nerds we were (and are). The Who + musicals = win. And I’m seeing them next year!

For the price of a pint of milk – I’ll tell you all I know.. about the state of the world today – sit down, enjoy the show..

For the Price of a Cup of Tea by Belle & Sebastian: If this song doesn’t make you bop your head and sing along, I don’t think you’re human. It’s just so cute and catchy and fun, and it cemented my Belle and Sebastian obsession. Mmmm Scottish goodness. And thanks to Dave, I have every album now.

If you want any mp3s, just holler.

2 thoughts on “Last 5 songs on shuffle

  1. I don’t think I know that Belle and Sebastian song. Which album is it off? I have three of theirs, but I must say that my favourite album would be Dear Catastrophe Waitress.

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