On a Night Like This


Incredible. Staggering. Mind blowing. Thrilling. Exhilarating.


Just some of the words going through my mind (and being said!) after last night’s Kylie Minogue concert in Auckland.

I’m so glad we went up. Thumping beats and bass that reverberates through your chest. Dancers. Sweet synths. Costume changes. And lots and lots of sparkle.

I danced until my feet bled and blistered in my 4-inch heels, sang until my throat was hoarse. The arena of 12,000 fans turned into one big electro-pop dance party as we sang, danced and cheered our way through 2.5 hours of the most fun I’ve had at a concert, ever. Hands down. (Well, aside from the dancing-singing-excitement fest that was Barenaked Ladies). The thrill alone of her playing Better the Devil You Know while I danced my ass off made the concert price worthwhile for me.
And then? well. Then we went to the casino and lost money before heading out to dance for another 3 hours, before hobbling back to the hotel. SO. MUCH. FUN.
(I can still barely walk today. But who cares!)

One thought on “On a Night Like This

  1. You forgot to mention the REALLY gay gay bar, honOh and the terrible pies form the Shell station across the road from the hotelOh and the really special room we shared at the really special hotel

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