Afternoon in the sun


Oh Sheryl. I heart you.

I just got back from Martinborough, an hour’s drive from Wellington, after spending the afternoon in the sun seeing Sheryl Crow live.

The gig started with local act Gin Wigmore, who had lost her voice, but still did fairly well for the circumstances, and Sheryl came on shortly after that, playing all of her top hits, and a few newbies (that we weren’t too fond of. A bit too “we can save the world just with more love people” for me).

And then the ‘main event’ John Mellencamp came on, and the older, slightly hick crowd went nuts, while Chris and I simply looked at each other and attempted to enjoy ourselves.

After half an hour of polite listening and head-bobbing, we legged it out of there, beating the crowds (and ultimately the traffic), to have a nice dinner in Featherston and drive home on quiet roads.

I’m hoping I didn’t get sunburnt. Feel okay so far tonight, but we’ll see in the morn..

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