I am posting to you from a laptop that looks like it was designed for a small child. A small child from the UK who can use this mental keyboard setup.

It’s actually my mother’s, and it was ordered from my brother in London, to replace her big bulky one and to hopefully be easier for her to use.

Mine died tonight, and aside from the mere frustration of not being able to finish an assignment, access any of my files, or use the disc drive, I keep pressing the wrong bloody keys.

For example, the @ is not above the 2. That has “. Just for kicks. Then there’s the £ instead of the $, which has been moved down the ranking to above the 4. I also have no ctrl key in the corner, but a Function key.

And then there’s the # key where the enter should be (well for my hands) and I keep! hitting! it!

If I buy a computer in the UK I’m going to have trouble getting used to this!

One thought on “Deaded.

  1. Is said computer a Toshiba Dynabook? Because it sounds just like my computer! The movement of the @ and the $ are very Japanese keyboard things. My @ is next to P (which is nice) but having the speech marks above numbers is a pain in the ass. You get used to it. Oh, except for that #/Enter thing. I don’t have that. That’s weird. That’s bullshit.

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