To do list for Thursday


As in, today. When it gets going at a reasonable hour.

1. Continue to unpack. I am still surrounded by boxes. I am invading two rooms. There is dust. There is lots of brown cardboard. Time is running out (I want to enjoy some of my leave without chores!)
2. Assignment. That is due Friday. So starting it Thursday seems to be right on schedule for me.
3. Buy birthday present for mother. Self-explanatory.
4. Drinks/dinner for friend’s birthday. Ah, boozing to be had. But now that I live in The Hutt, going out and having silly drunken fun on a Thursday isn’t going to be as easy.
5. Hang pictures/posters. Ahhh.. a living space where I don’t have to worry about what I do to the walls. Tori, NYC and Firefly art to be hung!
6. Set-up recording gear. So that I can maybe attempt to record something on.. um. Oh wait. I have no other days that are really free! Mayyyybe Friday.
7. Email friends. Some of you have forgotten my existence. Or are ignoring me because I’m slack.
8. Find time to relax…

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