Home again.


So I guess you can go home again!

Here I am, back in my parents’ place, in my old room upstairs (though it looks slightly different), feeling younger yet too grown-up at the same time. Being here definitely has its perks, however, what with the free rent and expenses, and the area is so quiet, but it also means less space/quiet to myself, a longer commute to work and a lot of unpacking.
At the moment the essentials are all set up, but the amount of boxes downstairs never seems to change.. I think a lot will be going into storage when I move to the UK.
I’m trying to make a conscious effort to use my free time better, now that I am here and have some. I don’t return to work until the 11th, and my original plan was to use this time to write and record music. But with the move and the impending painting (which means I have to be unpacked this week), this has put a damper on things. At the moment I’m trying to strike a nice balance between relaxing, getting an assignment done and getting unpacked. And then there’s the family time..
I’m also trying to amuse myself by looking at Edinburgh rentals online, pictures of my soon-to-be home-town and reading webcomics. I’m always open to recommendations, but I currently read Least I Could Do, Ctrl-Alt-Delete, and the disturbing-at-times/insane-at-others Cyanide and Happiness.
And then there’s running through watching The X Files for about the 5th time.. it’s nearly an annual occurrence now..
How the heck are you?

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