When we arrived into London we’d been travelling for over 30 hours. We’d only finished packing in the morning, and had ended up early at the airport in Wellington, and were transferred to an earlier flight at the last minute. Checked all the way through, which is a rarity for staff travel, but a benefit of leaving from your base airport, where the staff all know you.

Our Hong Kong transit was hot but relatively painless, and I vowed never to bring a jacket when travelling again. What a hassle. Once we arrived in London, the tube was fairly warm also, so I didn’t really wear my jacket until later in the evening. Point taken, and I definitely didn’t bring it on my way home and was much more comfortable.

Arriving in London, we were astounded by the customs queue. I’d heard about Heathrow, but not to that extent. Craig was picking us up, and it was good that he left late, as we took an hour and a half to clear the customs arrival point. He was waiting at the arrivals entrance, and we waved enthusiastically at each other. So nice to have a friendly face welcome us!

My time there was spent touristing it up. Sarah showed me all those monuments and buildings that American sitcoms show you to convince the audience that they’re actually in London filming this! really! It was surreal but so fun at the same time.

What blew me away about the city is the amazing amount of people there are everywhere. Well everywhere that is central. I’m so used to little old New Zealand, I guess, that the tourists, Londoners and tube-hoppers were a little baffling at first. I grew to get used to it, however, and push my way around the tube when necessary.

I also saw a couple of places that are pretty neat, such as the Globe Theatre:

And somewhere very exciting and special to me, that I dragged Dave out to: Abbey Road.

What a dream it’d be to record there sometime.. to know the history; the legendary musicians that have recorded there. It was fun enough walking across the famous zebra crossing.

Overall, I’m looking forward to seeing Londontown again when I return to Scotland, and spending more time with the Burkes there after they move over. I never saw myself moving to the UK or liking it this much but it was a fun adventure…

Scotland travel stories soon.


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