Or the UK. Whichever you prefer.

I am here. Well. I have been here for nearly 3 weeks – I am leaving on Monday. I feel very torn about leaving. There is so much to do in preparation for coming back next year, but at the same time, returning to New Zealand means going back to work and going back to being without Dave.

Add that to the fact that I’ve kinda fallen in love with Edinburgh. What a beautiful city. Photos to come.

London was great as well – so much to see and the weather was fantastic. Sarah was an excellent wee host and I felt like I actually got a taste of the city. Looking forward to going back and not doing so much touristy stuff, now that I’ve done that, and starting to see the lesser-known areas. Sooo many tourists. I was blown away.

But yes. When I get back and have loads of time and am sad sad sad I shall post the photos of my trip and give you more of a rundown. Right now I have to spend time with Dave, get some rest in after travelling back from the Highlands today, and well, sort out my stuff.

Packing is not going to be fun.

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