Yay September. The birds are chirping, it’s not raining, the sun is out.. and soon the winds and crazy changes will follow, but for now we can buy into the excitement. Spring! hurrah.

2 weeks left until my UK expedition, and there is so much to be done. I’m organising myself an International Youth Travel Card, looking up the International Driving Permit, and making sure I have enough adaptors for the UK. Then there are assignments due, things to take over for family and friends, chores to be done, finances to be sorted, and well, packing at some point.

I am so excited. Abbey Road, Tower of London, the Tate Modern and such museums, Hyde Park, Piccadilly, Westminster Abbey, The Globe, Borough Markets, Oxford street… then there’s Topshop, H&M, The Church, Harrod’s, Selfridge’s, dinner with family, time with Sarah, drinks with London friends..

And well of course, Scotland with Dave. Edinburgh, Stirling, Inverness, Roselyn Chapel, St. Mary’s Close, Perth, and lazing with my lovely boy, and meeting his friends and family.

I don’t have the biggest budget, but I will do it within my means and still have a great time, I am sure.

This is completely new territory for me. America I know. Australia I know. Japan I’ve seen bits of. The UK is a totally new adventure.

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